Children and Adolescents Placement Provisions (CAPP) offer a wide range of services for our clients to deliver efficient and cost effective solutions.

Monitoring of Providers

The majority of our work consists of monitoring semi-Independence and supported housing service providers. This is an out-sourced service for local authorities which will save your team time, our monitoring services are price cost effectively. This service is available for providers who wish for CAPP to undertake a mock monitoring visit. The service includes:

  • Vigilant review of policies and procedures
  • Assessment of staffing and personnel employed
  • Quality Assurance Framework (Support provided, health and safety, safeguarding and protection, equal opportunities, involvement and empowerment)
  • Feedback and perceptions of the service and its delivery
  • CAPP Feedback report

For further information on this service, please contact us today.

Specialised Intervention

CAPP provides support where specialised intervention is required. This enables the service user to have direct support tailored to their needs. Our staff are experienced in this designated field and can provide a range of support requested by the family / local authority / provider. CAPP's specialised intervention services include direct work with:

  • Offenders and integration into the community, re-housing and reconciliation with families. This also includes providing strategies to prevent re-offending (through training/qualifications/ employment/ community involvement)
  • A 24/7 helpline for families where required, in order to prevent family breakdown (this is a confidential service)
  • Service users with learning difficulties and disabilities
  • Service users with behavioral difficulties / problems
  • Service users with short-term or long term illness (mental health and domiciliary support in partnership with Solace Care Consultancy Limited)
  • Working with CSE and providing safe plans, risk assessments and supporting service users
  • Supporting those involved in gang affiliation and providers support/ placements out of borough

CAPP can assist with specific requirements not listed above. Please contact us directly on 01234959993 or 07957330972.

Outreach Support

CAPP has identified that local authorities may require support for Children and Young People (CYP) who are either residing with a provider, or are in their own accommodation. We offer a bespoke service which consists of (but is not limited to):

  • Out of hours support service which is 24 hours.
  • Visiting CYP at their placement, providing independent living skills which the provider may not offer.
  • Providing support in their own accommodation. By doing so the CYP is able to adapt the skills learnt in their own environment thus allowing for effective practice and monitoring by CAPP.

Our Outreach Support Plan includes (but is not limited to):

  • Safety in the home
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Domestic chores
  • Meal preparation and planning
  • Basic DIY skills in the home
  • Communication and accessing external services
  • Career and education planning

Depending on the needs of the placement we are able to tailor the support required on an individual basis.

Social Care Transport Services

Our secure and non-secure transport services include:

  • Collecting Children and Young People (CYP) from placement breakdowns
  • Transporting CYP if required in emergency situations
  • General relocation transport and/or CYP belongings transportation
  • We can also offer emergency clothing and food in our package
  • Transportation to a new provider and initial assessment if required

Our aim is to ensure the safe environment of CYP across the UK, where we can provide a smooth transition. We also provide an emergency pack which can contain a basic bundle of bedding, food and clothes. This service has a 2 hour response rate.

CAPP provides emergency accommodation, placements and support for children and young people

Emergency Placements

CAPP provides emergency accommodation and support on a short term basis. CAPP work alongside out of hours teams to support service users when in need and where possible.

This service may be used where there is normally an unexpected breakdown of placement (i.e. if there has been a breakdown in the placement, foster-carer, family) or if there is no other accommodation to house the service user (i.e. release on bail and a secure address is required, no local B&B's, no long-term placement arranged).

Regardless of the circumstance, CAPP can assist with emergency referrals on a 24hour basis. Please contact CAPP's duty contact number: 01234959993 or 07957330972.

CAPP Residential Units

CAPP currently has four Residential Units that provides accommodation for children and young people aged 16 - 18.

We provide care for young people from a variety of backgrounds and some of the young people that come to us will have experienced abuse, trauma, neglect and / or disruption in their formative years. Some may display physically and emotionally challenging behaviours and may have some additional mental health diagnosis and attachment issues which may complicate their behaviour. We provide care for medium to long term placements and consideration will always be given to ensuring the compatibility of prospective placements, with the young people currently in the home.

We will not admit young people that pose a significant risk to the young people living in the home. The service is needs-led, and as such there is an on-going assessment of each young person’s needs to equip them with the skills they will need to build successful adult lives.

We will strive to reflect the diversity of the young people’s backgrounds, and staff will assist each young person to obtain the appropriate information and services relating to their religious, faith and cultural needs. Young people will be given every opportunity and encouragement to follow their own religious, faith or cultural practices.