CAPP assist local authorities with CYP social care. CAPP provide assistance to young people in care Services for children and young people in care CAPP are a team of social care professionals CAPP offer a range of social care services

We provide fast and reliable results for Local Authorities and Providers of Services for Looked After Children and Young People (CYP). Our staff are experienced professionals from various career paths which include: social worker, semi-independence provider, placement officer and Human Resource consultant. We commission external services to support young people with additional needs, such as: theraputic assistance, cleaning services, tutors and we also work with external partners in health to provide specialist support.

We are a specialist 16+ Supported Housing Provision and as such are classed as an Unregulated Housing Provider. Regrettably, we are unable to provide services for any young person under the age of 16 years at this time.

We offer a range of services for our clients to deliver efficient and cost effective solutions.

CAPP is proud to be awarded Ofsted accreditation

Modern Slavery

CAPP has a ZERO-TOLERANCE approach to Modern Slavery and as an organisation, is committed to the prevention, deterrence and detection of Modern Slavery across both the organisation and the community in which we operate our business.

CAPP ensures that it is strict compliance with all applicable laws relating to Human Rights.

CAPP is committed to the protection of any user of our service or employee from exploitation in any form.

CAPP has a robust Whistleblowing Policy. This ensures that any individual who holds concerns, has the means of raising these concerns confidentially without fear of reprisal.

CAPP believes that the activities listed above will promote the goals of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and will help prevent Human Trafficking across our entire service delivery.

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